CalFresh Outreach

CalFresh Outreach is an integral part of our services. The primary way we connect with new people in need of services in the area, our outreach workers help inform people about our programs. Our outreach workers serve lunches 4 days a week in Arcata and 1 day a week in Manila and inform each person about the different services we, and other organizations, offer, including information about CalFresh and how to apply for benefits. With the help of our outreach workers, people are signed up for CalFresh, and get access to healthier food options for themselves and their families. 

Our gleaner reaches out and has developed a relationship with many local grocery stores. Our gleaner collects food that can no longer be sold, is passed it's sell-by date, and would otherwise be thrown away, but that is still okay to eat. Gathering around 1,000 pounds of food a day, he distributes it all to the food pantries at Arcata House Partnership, Food for People, the Family Resource Centers, and the Senior Center. To this effort, Arcata House Partnership has also just begun managing the weekly Arcata Food Pantry, in which low-income and homeless people can come "shop" for the most essential items they need each week. 

CalFresh also helps to fund nutrition education programs with our shelter, rapid rehousing, and permanent supportive housing programs, and clients learn how to shop for and cook healthier foods. We also have gardens at our shelters to help our clients learn where food comes from, what grows locally, and how to maintain and harvest a garden.