What We Do


Compassion. Dignity. Respect.

Since 1991, Arcata House Partnership has been integral to providing critical services to people who are homeless in Arcata and Humboldt County. 


Helping People Transform Their Lives

  • A client attempting to re-unify with their children was able to give up cigarettes and alcohol.

 A single Dad came in to the shelter with his young daughter and teenage son. The life he had led prior to coming into the family shelter had left him seemingly defeated and hopeless. He seemed to lack any form of confidence, and had no faith that he would ever be able to have his own place to call home. He worked with his case manager to get housed and earn his GED.  He began to feel whole again. After going through the Family Shelter Program he is a completely different person, and has finally found that confidence he was always looking for within himself.

  • There was a single Dad and veteran that came in with his two young sons. He had/ was experiencing crippling PTSD/Panic Attacks, He wasn’t able to even walk outside. Throughout his time in the family shelter his Case Manager worked with him to get counseling, and with the skills he has attained not only do he and his family live in their own apartment, but he now is able to walk to the grocery store with managable anxiety. 

  • A couple in their early twenties was expecting a baby. In 5 months, they worked to get their own apartment, and secure a job. He is still working in the same job, they are still housed in that apartment, and mom still stops in with the baby to say hi every couple of months.

  • In 2018, 2 people who were chronically ill were provided a bed in the adult shelter.  They were connected with medical care and hospice care so that they could die with dignity in a place that was safe and offered compassion and friendship.


Achievements in 2017

9 families gained permanent housing

15 adults found permanent housing

80 people currently live in Arcata House Partnership programs 

25 children and youth have lived in our Family Shelter this year

10,400 meals served through our Lunchbox Food Truck 

282 people screened for CalFresh eligibility

452 meals served at Thanksgiving 2017


Who We Are


Board of Directors

Susan Riesel – Chair

Rev. Tim Doty – Vice Chair

Connie Thomas – Secretary

Judy Longshore – Treasurer

Cassi Carter

Gene Joyce

Cindy Woods



Administrative Team

Executive Director:

Darlene Spoor

Darlene Spoor

Since 2016, Dr. Darlene Spoor has served as the Executive Director of AHP. During her tenure, the organization has doubled in size and has continued a reputation as a fiscally responsible, sustainable organization that provides compassionate and effective services to thousands of homeless individuals each year. Dr. Spoor has over 25 years progressive experience in non-profit management and leadership as well as extensive experience creating programs for underserved individuals. Supporting her is a team of experienced staff and a strong Board of Directors that include: a licensed social worker, businesses representatives, health care providers, a person who has experienced homelessness, and representatives of the local faith community.

Director of Operations:

Ensures that a company's everyday activities run smoothly, sets parameters to judge how efficiently and effectively the organization is operating. Manages the human resources of the agency and is responsible for recommending guidelines for personnel evaluations, recruitment, and advancement. Manages purchasing, vehicles and volunteer services.

Supervisor of Client Services: 

Oversees all of the programs, provides clinical supervision and guidance to the clinical team, and works to ensure that AHP programs are effective.

Finance and Grants Manager:

Oversees all aspects of financial management of Arcata House Partnership programs, working collaboratively with the Executive Director to ensure compliance with government regulations and procedures as well as donor regulations.

Housing Specialist/property manager:

Manages AHP properties, oversees maintenance needs, is a liaison to local landlords, and works to secure permanent housing for clients. 

Clinical Team

Case Managers:

Work with clients every step of the way on their journeys out of homelessness, including serving as advocates.

Peer Support:

Staff the One-Stop program, providing drop-in clients with services and information about programs in Humboldt County. 

Housing Support Workers:

Assist the adult shelter case manager in day-to-day operations and to ensure the success of the clients


Each year interns from HSU do their internships with us, learning about the clinical social work experience, including case managing clients, working as part of the team, and gaining hands-on experience


Outreach Team

Food Preparer: 

Makes 40+ lunches Monday through Friday to deliver to those in need.

Outreach Worker: 

Informs people on the streets about services in the area, forms connections, and helps folks connect with appropriate services.


Connects with local grocery stores and collects food that can no longer be sold, but can still be eaten, to distribute to AHP, and local food pantries. 

Community Partners and Advisers

City of Arcata Liaison to the Board

Sofia Pereira—Member, Arcata City Council

Community Advisers

Cathy Chandler-Klein

Jason Cseh

Diane de Ford

David Horwitz

Phil Lazzar

Tony Lucchesi

Rudy Ramp

Alex Stillman

Community Partners

Letter from a Landlord, by Emily Seigel

I am very happy with renting my house through Arcata House Partnership’s (AHP) Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program.  I was glad when AHP started their PSH program because I like the Housing First! model, and I was glad to know that it was starting in our community. Later, when I was in a position of needing to rent out my house for the first time, I was a bit worried about it. Then I remembered the AHP program and got in touch to see if I could be part of it.

It was easy to connect and figure out the details, and I was very relieved to have the support of AHP staff with renting my house.  The tenant and I signed a standard rental agreement, including agreements about who would live in the house.  I always get a rent check in the mail, without fail, by the first of every month, but I also get so much more.  A case manager visits the tenant in the house each week, and works with the tenant to help them be successful.  This means whenever something needs fixing, the case manager contacts me and we make arrangements for it to be fixed.  When I got complaints from a neighbor, the case manager helped the tenant to correct the problem.

 When I decided to rent my house, I was worried about it becoming a grow house, especially after a neighbor had a problem with tenants he thought had excellent references. I feel I never have to worry about this issue, as AHP case managers come by regularly.  I am also happy to know my house is providing permanent housing to a formerly homeless family.  That means that they are providing caring support that family needs so they can be successful as tenants.  This program is an amazingly good deal for any landlord. Check it out the next time you are renting an apartment or house.

The Artist's Guild


The Artist's Guild

Commission custom portraits of your home by the artist of your choice and an opportunity to support Arcata House Partnership.

Guild Goals:

  • Generate financial support to help sustain the work of Arcata House Partnership
  • Increase visibility and support for local artists
  • Provide local residents the opportunity to commission a portrait of their homes
  • Create an historical portrait archive showing where we live in Humboldt County
  • Help to make sure that everyone in our community has a home

It's Easy to Commission a portrait of your home

  • Select and contact an artist
  • Agree on a price and format
  • Sign a contract
  • When your portrait is complete, pay the artist
  • Arcata House Partnership will keep an archive of photographs, which may, at times, be shared with the community

For more information:
Jaffa Dugan, Coordinator
707-822-3534, jaffa@humboldt1.com


Affiliated Artists