Permanent Supportive Housing

Arcata House Partnership operates two permanent supportive housing (PSH) programs, Apartment's First! and the Susie Van Kirk (SVK) House. 

Our permanent supportive housing programs follow the Housing First program model for people who are chronically homeless and disabled. This approach centers on providing housing as quickly as possible and then adding services as needed, including connecting clients with mental health counseling and primary health care, budgeting and financial assistance, SSI application assistance and advocacy, literacy, and education on how to become a successful tenant. 

What is different in a Housing First model?

  • The focus is on helping individuals and families secure and sustain rental housing as quickly as possible.
  • Clients work with case managers to connect with a variety of social service agencies in an effort to find and maintain housing.
  • A variety of services are delivered that provide housing stability and individual well-being. 
  • Services, including case management, may be time-limited or long-term depending on individual needs.
  • Housing is not contingent on compliance with services. Clients sign a standard lease agreement and are provided with the services and supports that help them successfully stay housed.

We believe that social services that enhance individual and family well being can be more effective when people are in their own home.