Our Programs

We support people experiencing homelessness while they build a more stable life. This may include a full continuum of services from engagement to permanent housing. We seek to educate the community about housing issues and advocate on behalf of our homeless neighbors.


CalFresh Outreach

CalFresh Outreach is an integral part of our services. With the help of our outreach workers, people are signed up for CalFresh, and get access to healthier food options for themselves and their families. 

The One-Stop Center

Located at the Annex, the One-Stop Center offers drop-in services such as clothing, hygiene supplies and feminine products, food supplies, intakes into AHP programs, and case management.


The adult shelter, former the night shelter, is a long-term shelter facility for adults without children. The family shelter is a long-term shelter program for adults with children, helping families transition out of homelessness.

Extreme Weather Shelter

The Extreme Weather Shelter (EWS) is a program which provides shelter to adults in need on nights of inclement weather. Based on guidelines from the National Weather Service, our program coordinator keeps tabs on the local weather during the winter season in order to help provide shelter on the coldest, wettest, and/or windiest nights of the year. 

Permanent Supportive Housing and
Rapid Rehousing

These programs are an approach to quickly connect people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without preconditions to entry, such as sobriety. Case management is offered after clients are entered into housing to maximize housing stability and prevent returns to homelessness.