Our continuum of engagement and support

Throughout 2017 and 2018, we have grown and increased our services to the community.  Now as  a $1.2M agency we are able to provide a continuum of services that we think supports a wide range of people and needs.  Here is a broad look at what we provide to the community:

CalFresh Outreach

We connect people and families to CalFresh benefits.  We also feed approximately 200 people each day directly and through our partners who work with us to connect with and distribute food to the neediest of our community.


Each day our staff collects approximately 1200 pounds (that’s correct 1200 pounds) of food from restaurants and supermarkets that is still good.  We rescue it from going to the landfills and distribute it to the hungry.

Arcata Food Pantry

AHP runs the Arcata Food Pantry in partnership with Food for People.  The pantry provides the most important food necessities to approximately 80 people/families each week.



One-Stop Center

Located in the annex, this program is designed to provide outreach and engagement to anyone in need.

Case Management

All clients in AHP housing programs or preparing to enter a housing program receive case management to help them prepare for, obtain, and retain housing.  The case managers serve as teachers, advocates, and support for the people in our programs.

Adult and Family Shelters

No longer a night by night shelter – in four locations throughout Arcata, they serve as long-term emergency shelters for both adults without children and families.  The shelters serve as a steppingstone for people to get back on their feet while they prepare and search for permanent housing.  All shelter clients receive case management to help them on this journey.

Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Re-housing

These programs offer a way to quickly connect people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without pre-conditions to entry.  Everyone receives rental assistance and case management to help them maintain housing.  AHP supports 32 apartments throughout the county for people who receive services.

Regional Extreme Weather Shelter

We provide emergency shelter on days of inclement weather to adults who are homeless.  People receive a shower, clean dry clothes, dinner, a safe place to sleep (at one of our partner churches) and breakfast in the morning.

Our shelters are at capacity. 

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list,
please call 2-1-1 or (707) 633-6236