Arcata House Partnership offers two shelter programs as part of our continuum of care. We have a family shelter and an adult shelter, where clients can stay for up to 3 months while they get connected to services and find their own permanent housing. When clients move into their own housing, we help furnish each apartment, turning their house into a home.


Adult Shelter

The Adult Shelter, formerly known as the Night Shelter, is a program for chronically homeless and disabled adults without children. Residents live in dormitory style bedrooms, with a living space and a full kitchen. Clients at the Adult Shelter receive case management services, including help finding a job, help applying for CalFresh and/or SSI or SSDI, connections to health services, and help finding their own permanent housing. 

Family shelter

The Family Shelter serves adults who are homeless and also have children. With 3 different locations in Arcata, families live in communal housing and have private rooms with shared common areas. Clients receive case management including help applying for CalFresh and SSI/SSDI, finding a job, helping enroll their children in school, gain connections to health services, and help finding permanent housing.