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Letter from a Landlord, by Emily Seigel

I am very happy with renting my house through Arcata House Partnership’s (AHP) Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program.  I was glad when AHP started their PSH program because I like the Housing First! model, and I was glad to know that it was starting in our community. Later, when I was in a position of needing to rent out my house for the first time, I was a bit worried about it. Then I remembered the AHP program and got in touch to see if I could be part of it.

It was easy to connect and figure out the details, and I was very relieved to have the support of AHP staff with renting my house.  The tenant and I signed a standard rental agreement, including agreements about who would live in the house.  I always get a rent check in the mail, without fail, by the first of every month, but I also get so much more.  A case manager visits the tenant in the house each week, and works with the tenant to help them be successful.  This means whenever something needs fixing, the case manager contacts me and we make arrangements for it to be fixed.  When I got complaints from a neighbor, the case manager helped the tenant to correct the problem.

 When I decided to rent my house, I was worried about it becoming a grow house, especially after a neighbor had a problem with tenants he thought had excellent references. I feel I never have to worry about this issue, as AHP case managers come by regularly.  I am also happy to know my house is providing permanent housing to a formerly homeless family.  That means that they are providing caring support that family needs so they can be successful as tenants.  This program is an amazingly good deal for any landlord. Check it out the next time you are renting an apartment or house.